photo:Cutting Board
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photo:Knife Block
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caption:Kitchen Knife Series

Combining the solid materials and forging techniques born of the traditions of Echizen, this kitchen knife series fuses practicality with beauty in design to produce knives with the finest sharpness of blade and ease of use. This perfectly balanced eight-part kitchen knife series consists of two types of chef’s knife (GYUTO), slicer knife (SUJIHIKI), general-purpose knife (SANTOKU), vegetable knife (NAKIRI), two types of petty knife, and a bread knife.

caption:Pleasure in holding and using

The cut configuration connecting the blade and handle and the roundness of the handle on ECHIZEN-JAPAN knives allow a variety of grips to be used when handling each knife. Ensuring the knife fits perfectly and securely into the user’s hand is the product of the perfectly designed balance of weight and configuration that goes into each knife.

The ECHIZEN-JAPAN kitchen knife series provide a sense of oneness in the blade through a fusion of the highest quality cutting edge and ease-of-use made by Echizen craftsmen. These extraordinary blades provide the user with a sense of pleasure in holding and using each knife.

caption:Clad metal for the highest quality

The material used for the blade is clad metal manufactured using world-leading techniques by local companies in Echizen. Clad metal is produced by forging different layers of metal together, taking advantage of the strength of each piece as an integrated unit while ensuring any weaknesses are balanced out by each layer.

Cutting steel used in the knives’ manufacture is produced by a company with extensive experience in this field, and the steel for the blade is composed of a perfect blend that produces a long-lasting and extremely sharp cutting edge. This produces a knife blade that is hard to bend or break and is rust resistant.

caption:VG10, Finest stainless cutting steel

VG10 stainless cutting steel is made from strictly selected pure iron that is worked using an optimal blend to produce an extremely sharp high-quality cutting steel manufactured using the finest steel processing technology. Its high corrosion resistance means that it is rust resistant and its superior abrasion resistance ensures that it retains its sharp edge.