caption:Cutting Boards
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photo:Cutting Board - Ambiente 2010 DESIGN PLUS
photo:Cutting Board φ400
photo:Cutting Board φ300
photo:Cutting Board φ400

caption:Ginkgo Wood

Ginkgo wood, with its natural antibacterial properties, is highly resistant to staining, odors, and water, and its supple and resilient nature of the cutting boards ensures that the knives are not damaged in any way. these qualities have led the ginkgo wood to be used for the finest cutting boards in Japan. The ECHIZEN-JAPAN offers two types of large and small cutting boards hewn from the finest locally sourced gingko wood.



An easy-to-use cutting board for table use with a 300 mm diameter. Its 70-degree lateral angle allows users to pick the board up with ease.


This practical cutting board has a wider 400 mm diameter and is equipped with a drawer that can be used in a variety of ways.

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photo:Cutting Boards
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