caption:1310 GYUTO 210(Chef's knife) Blade:210mm Handle:123mm

photo:1310 GYUTO 210
1310 GYUTO 210
photo:1310 GYUTO 240
photo:1310 SUJIHIKI 240
photo:1310 GYUTO 210
photo:1310 BREAD 210
photo:1310 SANTOKU 180
photo:1310 NAKIRI 170
photo:1310 PETTY 150
photo:1310 PETTY 105

caption:Core-Less Multi-Layer Steel BLADE Stainless Steel HANDLE

graphics:Core-Less Multi-Layer Steel BLADE Stainless Steel HANDLE

As its name suggests, the blade literally has no core blade but is instead made up of an accumulation of layers using two types of steel, which create unique patterns on the blade's surface.
Due to its layered structure, the blade is stronger and more rigid than those using only a single steel.
This completely original design achieved by Japanese artisan is the only blade of its kind in the world.
Each knife has different pattarns due to handcraft.

caption:GYUTO (Chef's Knife)

Primarily intended for use with meat, but also suitable for a variety of purposes, including fish and vegetables. The sharp pointed blade is perfectly suited to even the most delicate food preparation.

caption:Other products

photo:Cutting Boards
photo:Knife Block