caption:1110 SANTOKU 180 Blade:180mm Handle:123mm

photo:1110 SANTOKU 180
1110 SANTOKU 180
photo:1110 GYUTO 240
photo:1110 SUJIHIKI 240
photo:1110 GYUTO 210
photo:1110 BREAD 210
photo:1110 SANTOKU 180
photo:1110 NAKIRI 170
photo:1110 PETTY 150
photo:1110 PETTY 105

caption:VG10 core 3-Ply Steel BLADE Stainless Steel HANDLE

graphics:VG10 core 3-Ply Steel BLADE Stainless Steel HANDLE

The blade consists of three layers of stainless steel, with a VG10 core blade steel sandwiched between highly rigid and rust resistant stainless steels.The blade is structurally derived from traditional production methods used for Japanese swords, characterized by its outstanding spring-like toughness that ensures no breaking or bending.
This triple layered structure also contributes to the blade's resistance to corrosion.


This uniquely Japanese knife is perfect for use on meat, fish and vegetables and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

caption:Other products

photo:Cutting Boards
photo:Knife Block