caption:1110 NAKIRI 170(Vegetable knife) Blade:170mm Handle:123mm

photo:1110 NAKIRI 170
1110 NAKIRI 170
photo:1110 GYUTO 240
photo:1110 SUJIHIKI 240
photo:1110 GYUTO 210
photo:1110 BREAD 210
photo:1110 SANTOKU 180
photo:1110 NAKIRI 170
photo:1110 PETTY 150
photo:1110 PETTY 105

caption:VG10 core 3-Ply Steel BLADE Stainless Steel HANDLE

graphics:VG10 core 3-Ply Steel BLADE Stainless Steel HANDLE

The blade consists of three layers of stainless steel, with a VG10 core blade steel sandwiched between highly rigid and rust resistant stainless steels.The blade is structurally derived from traditional production methods used for Japanese swords, characterized by its outstanding spring-like toughness that ensures no breaking or bending.
This triple layered structure also contributes to the blade's resistance to corrosion.

caption:NAKIRI (Vegetable Knife)

Also known as a usuba, this knife is unique to Japan and the ideal tool for peeling, mincing, paring, and chopping vegetables.

caption:Other products

photo:Cutting Boards
photo:Knife Block