caption:Designer Chiaki Murata

photo:METAPHYS hono photo:Chiaki Murata
photo:METAPHYS hono
photo:XBOX360 photo:XBOX360
photo:coway a water purification device photo:coway a water purification device
photo:METAPHYS locus 3way pen photo:METAPHYS locus 3way pen
photo:METAPHYS lucano stool photo:METAPHYS viss eraser
photo:METAPHYS viss eraser photo:METAPHYS viss eraser
photo:METAPHYS uzu cleaner photo:METAPHYS susuki light photo:METAPHYS susuki light
photo:METAPHYS uzu cleaner

caption:Echizen Japan Knife Consortium Art Director&Designer Chiaki Murata  President / hars experimental design laboratory inc. Director / METAPHYS

  • Member of the Good Design Award competition Jury 2008
  • Member of the Japan Design Consultants Association
  • Executive of the nonprofit organization eco-design network
  • Project producer of Osaka Design Promotion Plaza
  • Executive and chairman of Eco-Products Design Competition 2008
  • Fellow designer of Kids Design Forum
  • Jury of IF Design Award 2009
  • Jury of Good Design Award 2002-2009

Born in Sakaiminato–City, Tottori in 1959. Joined Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. After graduating from the Osaka City University, Faculty of Engineering, Applied Physics Department in 1982. Besides working on product design, was also involved in the backbone concept of new projects such as single domestic appliances. Established Hers Experimental Design Laboratory, Inc. in 1986, and created many controversial products in a wide range of designs for products, graphics C.I., and interface design, and has received many awards. Proposed the virtual industry system, which links each process of product development to an industry that specializes in that field, and implemented the IT type product development system that involves distribution. Has also been involved in many inter-corporate coordination, production and consultation works by internally supporting the development of products that utilizes each company's core competence at corporate seminars sponsored by banks, and acts as the design advisor for small to medium enterprises consortium. Has also handled TLO in the private sector in commercializing products developed by universities and research organizations and local product regeneration, and is now putting in a great deal of effort in the G Mark, ASEAN Selection, TV appearances as a commentator, and education activities on the future of products and the design industry.